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I like to think that the work speaks for itself but I'll add a few words to help things along.

May21 Sailing Nimuae.jpg

I am a wanderer by nature, finding creative stimulation in a changing landscape. 

Having left my base in New Zealand for a time

I am currently working remotely from a 38' classic yacht, sailing up the coast of Ireland. 

I have been working remotely for over 15 years so have all the necessary equipment to do my work and the habit of doing it.

My work has historically been mostly in graphic design and packaging but I am looking to shift my focus to illustration. 

As a designer who has worked with illustrators I bring a unique viewpoint and skill set to my illustration projects. I can envision and understand how illustrations will be used in design and make my files easy to work with. 

You will be able to read more on my blog that I am about to publish so fill out the form and I will send you an invite if you are interested.

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